Textile industry this year celebrates 50 years of existence. Since its inception in 1968 in Vukovar street, there has been significant progress in technology and quality of production.

Some of the most prominent events in the previous period and recertification of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard in February 2018 and preparations for the introduction of BSCI social standards and audit 22.05.2018. which we finished with a high grade.

Most of our production is oriented to foreign markets, but we consider important and prominent business in the domestic market, for example, a tender for the Border December of 2017 of 2000 winter jackets, and in the same period we also purchased a stitch machine which is one of last year's investments, and thus in our offer we include a new product segment and at the same time opened new markets.
By purchasing a new embroidery machine in March 2018, we further modernized our drive and raised the quality of connections to an even higher level.


Mission of Textile Industry d.o.o. Mostar is achieving excellence in the production process with the goal of systematic development and improvement of the activities of all organizational units
units as well as acquiring knowledge and skills appropriate to the challenges of advanced technologies.
The main goal of TIM is to provide knowledge through the education of the existing as well as the formation of new staff that will successfully meet contemporary challenges when it comes to quality and development of new products.


TIM's vision is to become a regional leader in the field of textiles, recognizable